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Thank you for your interest in becoming an Student Ambassador for the very first Meet Pi Maths Festival. Here is an outline of what’s required and other questions you may have.


Student Ambassadors

In Year 6 to Year 9

from the local area

Promote the Festival at your school

Interview local businesses

Help out with local promotion

Pre-test out some activities

Free ticket to the Festival!

Student Ambassador Information

What is the role of a Meet Pi Ambassador?


To be an active member of the Meet Pi Maths Festival event team and support the success of the festival by engaging with your local community. All Ambassadors will need to:

  • Arranging the promotion of the festival in your local community and at your school between now and March 2020  e.g. distributing posters for display at shops in your community, arranging distributing of flyers and display of posters at your school, school newsletter article, posts on school Facebook page, etc.
  • Interview two local businesses about why maths is important for their job or business day to day (we will then use it to promote the festival in social media/online)


We may also need some additional help with getting ready for the festival, but these are optional for Ambassadors to participate in, for example,

  • Help out with promoting the festival at local shopping centres, testing math activities prior to the festival or helping to get ready for festival day.


Who can be an ambassador?


Students in year 6 to year 9 in 2020 seeking a community volunteer and leadership opportunity. Ambassadors must be approved by their parent / guardian.


How will students benefit from being an ambassador?


Build your interest and understanding around how maths is used in everyday life, be a leader in getting your school mates involved in the event and score yourself a free ticket to the festival!


How many ambassadors can each school have?


We have a limited number of ambassador roles available. We want to give the opportunity for children throughout the local region to be involved, so there will be a limit on ambassadors from each school.


How do I nominate myself?


You will need to get approval from your parents (or guardian) and register your interest via our website.


Where do I go for more information?


We will provide you with further information once your nomination has been confirmed by us but in the meantime please contact Meet Pi on

Please complete the form below and we will get back in touch with you soon. Please note that the Ambassador program is only available to students in the local region.