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Hi I’m Lennox and I love maths.


I came up with the idea to create a maths festival when I saw details for an event overseas run by an organisation called the Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival (JRMF). But since it was too far away, I came up with the idea to do one myself!


So, I contacted JRMF because they help run a lot of these events around the world and now I’ve created the Meet Pi Maths Festival, together with help from my Mum, Dad and my other Supporters.


I am doing this because I love maths and I want to help others who want to do more maths that is fun and interesting!


I really like the aspect of it being non-competitive, so there are no scores, no prizes and no time-limits. Because it will be more fun for everyone, especially for those who don’t find their maths at school easy or enjoyable to do.


I have picked activities that will be good for participants of different abilities, so everyone should be able to have fun and be challenged. You can also meet others to work together with and there will be Activity Leaders to support you.


I am hoping the Meet Pi Maths Festival will support all kids to develop creativity and confidence in using maths.


Thank you for reading and enjoy the festival!





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